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COVID-19 update: SC adds 2,649 virus cases | COVID-19 – Index-Journal

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State health officials reported 2,649 new confirmed cases and 108 probable cases of the novel coronavirus on Sunday, along with 23 additional confirmed deaths and six probable deaths.

Sunday’s announcement represents the test results and deaths reported to the state on Friday.

Laurens County added 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Greenwood County recorded 31, Saluda County saw 10, Abbeville County logged nine and McCormick County had four.

Greenwood and Laurens counties also each recorded one new confirmed COVID-19 death.

This brings South Carolina’s number of confirmed cases to 396,712, probable cases to 46,674, confirmed deaths to 6,355 and probable deaths to 687.

More than 80% of hospital beds are filled across the state, with 1,841 (20.1%) of those patients being treated for COVID-19. Of those, 413 patients are in ICU and 261 are on ventilators.

A confirmed case is an individual who had a confirmatory viral test performed by way of a throat or nose swab and that specimen tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19, DHEC reports. A positive viral test, also called a PCR test or molecular test, alone is enough to classify a confirmed case.

DHEC reports a probable case is an individual who has not had a confirmatory viral test performed but has:

1. epidemiologic evidence and clinical evidence of infection, or

2. a positive antigen test and either epidemiologic evidence or clinical evidence.

A confirmed death is said to be someone whose death is related to COVID-19 and who tested positive with a confirmatory viral test for COVID-19.

A probable death classification refers to an individual whose death certificate lists COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death but did not undergo confirmatory viral testing.

Cumulative confirmed case totals for Greenwood and surrounding counties are:

Abbeville — 1,634 (23 deaths)

Edgefield — 2,067 (20 deaths)

Greenwood — 5,918 (116 deaths)

Laurens — 5,252 (115 deaths)

McCormick — 637 (12 deaths)

Newberry — 3,289 (71 deaths)

Saluda — 1,247 (28 deaths)

Who Should Get Tested?

If you are out and about in the community, around others, or not able to socially distance or wear a mask, DHEC recommends that you get tested at least once a month.

Routine testing allows public health workers to diagnose those who are asymptomatic and interrupt the ongoing spread of the virus. Learn more about who should get tested here:

Testing in South Carolina

As of Friday, 4,907,411 tests had been conducted in the state. The total number of individual test results reported Friday to DHEC was 11,964 (not including antibody tests) and the percent positive was 24.8%.

As the Lakelands and the country respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has led to state and national emergency declarations, it is vital for everyone to have up-to-date information about the virus and its spread. As such, we’re providing free access to all of our COVID-19 coverage, which is available on this page.

Here’s the latest information on COVID-19 from health agencies and hospitals:


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